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January 31, 2023 | Los Angeles

Cold War 2.0

Welcome To The Next Cold War

The likelihood of low level conflict between the U.S. and China while the U.S. simultaneously fights a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine could have serious consequences economically and militarily, and will almost certainly include a space war.

Russia’s diminished position as a superpower, after its calamitous invasion of Ukraine failed to deliver a quick victory, has created a vacuum that China and North Korea are moving to fill.

Questions To Be Addressed

How will a Russian defeat in Ukraine impact China, North Korea, and Iran’s military expansion?

What will conflict in space look like between the U.S., Russia, and China?

Where and how might conflict involving Chinese and U.S. forces unfold?

What happens to the West if China achieves its goal of global primacy and how can that be prevented?

Who is winning the Information War, and how do you achieve Information Dominance?

Keynote Briefings

Colonel Andrew Milburn (USMC, ret.) will give an in-person briefing on The Mozart Group’s activities on delivering critical capabilities to Ukraine’s frontline units and rescuing civilians from Russian-controlled areas.

Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence for the Ministry of Defense Offensive Cyber team will give a briefing on Iranian and Chinese network resiliency as well as offensive techniques against Russian targets.

Andy Milburn

Founder, The Mozart Group

Timothy R. Heath, Ph.D.

Senior International Defense Researcher, The RAND Corporation

Jeffrey Lewis, Ph.D.

Director, East Asia Nonproliferation Program

Bonnie Triezenberg, Ph.D.

Sr. Engineer, The RAND Corporation

Brendan S. Mulvaney, Ph.D.

Director, USAF China Aerospace Studies Institute

Bilyana Lilly, Ph.D.

Director, Security Intelligence and Geostrategy at Krebs Stamos Group LLC

Krista Langeland, Ph.D.

Associate Physical Scientist, The RAND Corporation

GUR Cyber
GUR Cyber

Offensive Cyber Team Members

Adam Flatley

Director of Threat Intelligence, redacted

Moderated by

Bryan Hurd

Chief of Office, AON Cyber

Veterans on dangerous lifesaving missions in Ukraine

Summit Proceeds to benefit The Mozart Group

50% of all ticket sales to Cold War 2.0 will be donated to The Mozart Group to support their on-going humanitarian work in Ukraine. The Mozart Group was founded by retired USMC Col. Andy Milburn. It’s a collective of retired SOF veterans from 11 different countries who are working without pay and without weapons to train Ukraine’s mostly civilian army and rescue women, children, and pets from towns and villages under Russian bombardment.


“Space Competition and the Dynamics of Conflict: Using Game Theory and Artificial Intelligence to Gain Strategic Insight”

Bonnie Triezenberg, Ph.D. and Krista Langeland, Ph.D.

“The Return of Great Power War: Scenarios of Systemic Conflict Between the United States and China”

Timothy R. Heath, Ph.D.

“Russian Information Warfare and Its Application in NATO Member States and Ukraine”

Bilyana Lilly, Ph.D.

“Russian and Chinese Priorities and Capabilities for Operating and Fighting in Space”

Brendon S. Mulvaney, Ph.D.

Russia’s Nuclear Options in Ukraine: Is MAD A Valid Deterrence To Tactical Nukes?

Jeffrey Lewis, Ph.D.

More talks to come

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