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Sands Capital conference room


Lewis Shepherd / Bryan Hurd10:00Welcome
Tim Kosiba10:10Public-private partnerships in warfighting raise multiple issues in addition to changing how wars are fought
Edward Marshall / Brian Mefford10:50The toll of Russia’s invasion on civilians and civilian infrastructure based upon their experiences in-country with HelpUkraine22
Olav Lysne11:30Cyber Warfare: Supply and Service Chains’ Vulnerabilities For Nation States
GUR Offensive Cyber Team12:10De-brief on offensive ops, plus novel techniques for bypassing Russian air-gapped SCADA systems
Colonel Andrew Milburn (USMC, retired)14:15De-brief on The Mozart Group’s success and challenges in training Ukraine’s soldiers, assisting civilians, and rendering medical aid in the war zone
Eneken Tikk15:00Legal Perspectives on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Jeffrey Carr15:30The Roscosmos Breach: A Look Inside Russia’s Mars Program
JR Tietsort16:00A case study of China’s acceleration of technology development through IP theft
Dan Geer16:30Attributable Risk and Relative Risk in Adversary Assessment
Beer and Wine Networking Party on the Roof17:00Engage with attendees and speakers on the rooftop lounge overlooking the Capitol
Goodnight19:00You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here

Sands Capital rooftop lounge

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