Announcing The #WrongMozart Meme Challenge

Win a free in-person pass to attend the Safe House Global summit and fundraiser to benefit The Mozart Group, a collective of SOF and military veterans who are evacuating the elderly, children, and their pets from the front lines while under Russian attack by artillery, missiles, drones, and small arms fire.

Since there’s no power or running water, and little to no food, they deliver food, water, firewood, and medicine to those who have remained behind and cannot or will not leave their homes. They do this because they’re the only ones who have the training and experience to navigate conflict zones and perform the necessary risk calculus to extract everyone safely. Finally, they do it with little pay and they carry no weapons. They are funded solely by donations.

Create a #wrongmozart meme, share it on your favorite social media, and the meme with the most likes by January 5th will win a $50 Amazon gift card and a free pass to meet Mozart Group founder Colonel Andy Milburn (USMC, retired) at Safe House Global West in LA on January 31st.

How to create a meme

  • Find an image that you like of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Find a movie quote from one of your favorite war movies
  • Put them together like the examples above
  • Add the name of the movie that your quote is from in your post.
  • Voila! You’ve created a meme
  • Write your post or create a short video that says “Support the Mozart Group that’s saving lives everyday in Ukraine. Visit to learn more and the hashtag #wrongmozart” so that we can track your number of views to determine a winner.


  • You must be sixteen to enter or have your parents written permission
  • The Safe House Global pass may not be sold or exchanged for cash, but it is transferrable if you cannot attend
  • The winner will be the person who created the meme with the highest number of likes across all social platforms by January 5, 2023 as determined by Reel Holdings, LLC dba Safe House Global
  • The hash tag #wrongmozart and the URL must appear in your post or it will not be counted
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