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Washington, D.C., November 18-19, 2021

Reimagining The Future Of Intelligence

What is The conference about

We ask 16 experts to describe their vision of how Intelligence will change to more accurately predict future threats in the coming years.

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What to Expect.


At least one third of our attendees will be senior decision makers from Aerospace, Defense, Finance, Healthcare, Media, Public Safety, Transportation, and Technology.


Our cap on physical attendance (no more than 60) enables more interaction between our attendees and our speakers and sponsors. Those who cannot attend in person can register for live streaming of all our sessions.


Just a short walk from the Nation’s most cherished monuments, the hotel is also close to a number of exciting restaurants and attractions in the new District Wharf neighbourhood.

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More to come


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Summit Tickets.

Virtual attendees will get to see all Plenary sessions live-streamed, including the dinner session but excluding Thursday's Welcome Reception and Friday's VIP breakfast and Private lunch.
Executive attendees (limited to 30) may attend Thursday's Welcome Reception, Friday's Plenary sessions, and the Dinner session with Philip Tetlock and Marc Koehler. The VIP breakfast and Private lunch are not included.
VIP attendees may attend Thursday's Welcome Reception, the VIP breakfast and book signing (guest soon-to-be-announced), the VIP lunch for sponsors and CxOs, the Dinner session, and all Plenary sessions. VIP tickets are limited to 10.
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Latest News.

Safe House Global (formerly known as Suits and Spooks) is a virtual/physical hybrid event that focuses on hard challenges in the cyber/physical security space, and where both speakers and attendees have the option of attending in-person or online. This is especially valuable for international participants who otherwise could not attend.

If you have any questions about our event or our safety measures, please send an email.

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