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VENUE: U.S. NAVAL INSTITUTE (further details provided after registration)

DURATION: 13:30 – 16:30

NOTE: This workshop is the only one to be held in-person. It will not be broadcast live. 

Dr. Julia Mossbridge will be the facilitator for this very popular workshop that she’s given to U.S. government employees in the IC.

When thinking strategically and preparing for possible future events, we sometimes imagine the future as our enemy. It can seem cagey, secretive, often unpredictable, and potentially adversarial. What if the future became an ally, willingly sharing crucial information with our intuitive capacities? In this workshop, cognitive neuroscientist and informational time travel researcher Dr. Mossbridge will briefly provide the scientific background that supports the idea that an alliance with the future is possible — and in fact, very helpful. The bulk of the time will be focused on selected “best of class” exercises to support this alliance within the context of human intuitive foresight, one of the few skills AI cannot yet replace. Dr. Mossbridge has taught these same exercises alongside the other foundations of intuitive foresight to groups of intelligence and national security professionals. Based on these experiences, she anticipates that participants may be surprised at their capacities for skilled intuitive foresight. The workshop will close with a group discussion of important ethical standards for the development of intuitive foresight and other “Jedi skills” amongst the USG talent pool.

Registrations are not refundable, however they may be transferred.

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