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Safe House Global's Virtual Summit on Intelligence | Nov 19, 2021

How to reduce noise and bias, improve forecasting, and add transparency to intelligence across all sectors.

Who Should Attend and Why

Who Will Benefit?

  • Board Members and CxO’s involved in data policy, team oversight, Intellectual Property protection and organizational policy decision-making.
  • Government Agencies managing public data
  • Intelligence analysts and data security professionals
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services
  • Data forecasters, scientists, and diagnosticians
  • Financial Service Providers

Why Attend?

Biased, noisy data commonly drives data security leaders’ decision-making. When you combine that with algorithms that discover and feed those biases, how can leaders make effective judgments and forecasts?


More and more, our information feeds are dictated by invisible algorithms which, in turn, cater to our biases for the sole purpose of keeping us from leaving whatever platform we happen to be on.


For intelligence to be useful, it must be forward-looking. Learn novel methods for removing bias and noise from the data that you rely on for your planning and forecasting.

Financial Intelligence
Financial Intelligence

Learn the varied uses and demands for intelligence products by Investment banks, family offices, and UHNIs. Data monetization and ownership is driving a new Creator economy.

Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence

Whether you're the Chief Security Officer or the CISO, threat intelligence must not only be actionable, but reliable. How far removed from the source data is your analytic product?

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What to Expect

View last year's Public Safety Summit and watch this year's Fireside Chats.


A Rare Conference

“One of those rare conferences where even the speakers learn something new.”

Stewart Baker

Former General Counsel, National Security Agency

Highly relevant

At FCS we are a company primarily engaged in physical security and investigations. But since everything touches cyber, the conference was highly relevant.

Jim Casey

Executive VP, First Coast Security

One of the very best conferences I've attended

Excellent diversity of speakers and topics. Very well moderated and run with minimal technical glitches. A ton of information packed into six hours that went by very fast. One of the very best conferences I've attended in the past dozen years.

John Wright

Starfire Research

Encourages debate

I really enjoy the smaller group, the format that encourages debate, and the flexible ideologies without an entrenched popularity echo chamber.

Ali-Reza Anghaie

Lead Security Architect at an un-identified company

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