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Social Media Information Warfare Exercise

Players. Prepare

Inspired by the U.S. Marine Corps Information Warfighter Exercise Wargame.

On 19 November 2021 from 1500 – 1800 EST we will hold the first annual Social Media Information Warfighter Exercise. The SM-IWX will demonstrate how highly refined AI systems that power programmatic advertising and global social media apps can be leveraged by adversaries employing the tactics of Irregular Warfare.

Blue Teams will each present a defensive strategy to mitigate the attack and compete for the top score.

Each team of 2-3 players will have several weeks to prepare a plan to address the threat scenario. Their objective will be to deny, disrupt, or deceive the MSS’s ability to target U.S. military service members via TikTok, currently the world’s most popular social video platform. A roll of the dice will insert challenges that team members will have to adapt to and overcome. Game play will include Matrix adjudication. A panel of judges will score each team between 1-20 to determine the winning team.

Our Judges

We have invited the following panel of distinguished information warfare professionals to assist with judging and/or acting as advisers to the teams.

Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy

VP Strategic Operations, Logically.AI; Former DHS Under Secretary Intelligence

Kathleen Moore, Ph.D.

Professor of Data Science, U.S. Army War College

Wesley Bull

CEO, Sentinel Resource Group

Rand Waltzman

Adjunct Senior Information Scientist, RAND; former DARPA program manager

John Robb

Author, Brave New War; Adviser on Future Warfare

Bryan Sparling, Colonel, U.S. Army Retired
Bryan Sparling, Colonel, U.S. Army Retired

U.S. Army Cyber Command, IW adviser

Kristan Wheaton

Professor of Strategic Futures, U.S. Army War College

Christopher Paul
Christopher Paul

Senior Social Scientist; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Justin Sherman
Justin Sherman

Nonresident Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative

Our Sponsors

The following companies are providing financial and material support to this exercise.

Irregular Warfare
Cyber attacks, covert action, proxy conflicts, information and disinformation campaigns, espionage, and economic coercion—these are the tools of irregular warfare, which will increasingly reshape international politics.
Seth G. Jones

Author, Three Dangerous Men: Russia, China, Iran and the Rise of Irregular Warfare

Real-Time Bidding
Real-time bidding causes a leakage of information about voters that exposes them to the hazard of profiling and micro-targeting.
Johnny Ryan

Testimony, Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies, House of Lords, London (6 JAN 2020)

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